This Isn't Sex: The Launch of "Nasty Trash Art" | VISUELLE

My new project is called NASTY TRASH ART and it's about the celebration of the body, the artist's presence in their work, and "nasty trashy" art.

The whole series will focus on the body and the artist's interaction with their subject's body. This series is not meant to be sexual or provocative. The series is meant to show the synchronization between the artist and his/her/their art. It's turning the idea of the body being trashy and the artist being nasty into a message of distorted grace and identity. Hence, NASTY TRASH ART. 

I'm also excited to announce that this series will hopefully grow into my second photo-book. Artists, models, beautiful people... Let me know if you want in. Here are three concept photos that embody the series. More to come!