Baboun À New York City [PHOTOS] | VISUELLE

This weekend I took a trip to New York City with a couple of my friends for Spoon University's 3rd Annual Brainfood conference. Brainfood is a conference that celebrates technology, innovation, and creativity in food by bringing in amazing panelists, food vendors, and bloggers and writers from all over.

Although Brainfood was so dope, I think the most needed part of this trip was being surrounded by genuine company and being in a place where I find comfort. I needed those late night talks on the rooftop, reunion with friends I haven't seen in a long time, and time for myself-- some time to admire how tall the skyscrapers are and how the sidewalk contains stories in between its cracks.

That's all I have tonight. Peace and good vibes.

Here are a couple of visuals my friends and I took.

*Photo credit goes to Lindsey Smith for the brick photos and me sippin' my latte; Maddy Bucher for the microgreens photo and the photo of Shannon feeding me; Shannon Keene for the photo of me sitting on the white chair.