Une P'tite Journée at Miami's Art District [PHOTOS] | VISUELLE

Yesterday I went to Wynwood, which is Miami's leading art district. What a rush of creativity. The streets themselves are an art installation. The artists roam and create in the streets like it's their studio. They intermingle, inter-create, and inter-build. The artists of Wynwood are the backbone of the movement that is Wynwood. It was refreshing being there-- I got reminded that collaboration and passion can help you create art that embody authentically your experiences and ideas. Wynwood itself is a cultural hub, not only filled with art, but filled with good food. I ate at Joey's, a small Italian cafe that reminded me of an old-school hollywood set-- with monochromatic gray palettes and glittery drapes. There was also Dr. Smood, a dope ass juice shop that had me screaming of joy. 

I'm rambling on and on about my time there, but it was rejuvenating. Wynwood has my heart. I also had a great time with fave, Isabelle. Here are a couple of photos from our day at the art district. (Photos of me taken by Isabelle Baboun).