The Right Friends Become Your Art | VISUELLE

I don't know how to really start this post. I really don't know how to express what the title of the article means. My friends become part of my art. How do I explain this?

I guess what I'm trying to say is that my friends have been an important part of my work and myself-- a growing artist (if you wanna call me that). My friends have countless times volunteered (aka me harassing and bribing them) to be in my photos. They've never questioned my concepts but they embodied them all the time. Perfectly.

Their energy, their soul have become one with my creativity. My friends (yall know who you are) have become my art-- consciously or subconsciously. Every time I shoot them, I see myself in them. They become me, I become them. They always ask me why I don't use different people in my photos. The answer is simply that my friends' love and presence are the only thing I need to create something meaningful. I don't really need "other people." Photographing the people you love, Sally Mann said, makes your work so much more unique. So much better. So much more personal. The more people I shoot, the better don't get me wrong. But will it ever be the same energy? The same experience? Probably not.

Anyway, thank you friends. Y'all have allowed me to be myself and to be the creator I've always wanted to be. Love you all anpil, anpil.

Here's a shoot I did with my best friend Sasha a couple of days ago. Shouts to Vero Handal for helping us snap these photographs. The series is called The Girls Take A Break.