Class of 2016: Pop Ya Champagne! [PHOTOS] | VISUELLE

I can't believe I graduated high school three years ago. And today, I went to my little brother's high school graduation. Crazy. I sat through long speeches of classmates expressing their gratitude toward their friends and family; I sat through administrators saying "this is the next big chapter of your life;" and I've witnessed too many parents' tears. 

So to my brother that I love so much, I am proud. Proud of who you are and who you are becoming. Nah, this ain't no next big chapter. But it is a step that will open doors. I love you and you change me everyday. Ale, pa gad deye.

Class of 2016, high school, college, grad school, whatever-- congrats! May God create you to be world conquerers and world shifters. 

Here are some colorful photos of the graduate. We had to use desk lamps for the lighting (Yeah, damn desk lamps). Shot with iPhone 6s.